Hi I'm Dave
How to find us

"My name is Dave and ...

Dave: "...I am an amp-o-holic"
Group: "Hi Dave"
Dave: "I have been "collecting" for 30 years.  I Bought my last amp two
weeks ago, my 30th amp, a modified 79 deluxe, I am already shopping for
my next one and I don't know what to do....where will it all end?" (as a
vintage amp rental house in my dotage, I suspect)

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages,

I present to you.....

my mental illness:


The attached picture is just the gear in my bedroom, I had to cut three
pictures together to show it all:

Left to right:

Classical Guitar (no name, 60's)
Marshall JCM800 (85)
Fender Bandmaster Reverb (72)
Fender Bassman (65)
Fender Bassman (65)
Fender Champion 600 (55)
Carvin 100 watt (81)
Fender 300PS (79)
Fender Bassman 10 (79)
Fender Champ 12 (87)
Tuned box with a JBL D120F (under the ampeg/behind the twin) Ampeg
Gemini VI (59) Fender Princeton Reverb II (82) Fender Princeton (61)
Fender Twin Reverb II (84) Fender Deluxe Reverb (79 with Lee Jackson
modifications) Tuned box with a JBL D120F (under the Fender 75/behind
the twin) Fender 75 (79 with D130F) Fender Deluxe Reverb II (84)
Marshall VS100 (95) Fender Strat (MIM 00) Rickenbacker 4001 (80) Ibenez
SG (78) Gibson Les Paul Replica of a 62 (03) Paul Reed Smith Metal (86)
Kramer Pacer (81) 2 Gibson ES335 copies
Dean Palomino (05)
Dauphine Classical (82)
Kay Arch Top Acoustic (50's)
Fender 30 (79)
Fender Deluxe Reverb II (85)
Vox AC15CC (00)
Traynor Bassmaster YBA-1A (68)
Mesa Boogie DC-3 (92)
Fender Princeton Reverb (76)
Fender Deluxe Reverb (58 chassis in a 55 box)
JBL MR812 (2 boxes)
Dual K110 box (8 ohms)
JBL 4412's
Yamaha 4416aw (2 units)

Not pictured:
About 80 more individual speakers, 5 more guitar amps, 3 keyboards, 2
more guitars, and an old tube oscilloscope (or is that a partridge in a
pear tree?)...(and some other stuff I can't remember right now!)

Now here is the part where the gear-a-holic tries to justify his
"collection" ahem, er, um disease:

I have been collecting for 30 years, I have only every sold two pieces
of gear, I run a small studio out of my house, they are a really good
investment, they are really fun to play through, they look cool, he who
hath the most gear wins.......er um, it's a relaxing hobby (and if
anyone else gets there before I pick up the gear I want I might have
to...) er um, really relaxing hobby....

The honest truth is that I found many of the amps in a "need much
attention" state and I am hard pressed to pass up a hand made amplifier
at almost give away pricing.  I have a lot of fun getting them to work
again and I am the only guy I know who could have a jam at his house for
an electric guitar orchestra!

The gross totals:

30 amps (all but two are tube)
100 or more individual speaker elements
28 instruments (at least)
6 recording set ups (4 digital, 2 analog)
A decent pile of processing gear and a decent pile of spare parts

So, I say to all of you....(psst, got any gear you want to get rid
of?).... Don't go down the road I am on, it is a one way street (okay,
so this counts for my community service for that "incident" in the music
store, right?)